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    Please call or email for a free no obligation quote

    Services include:
    � Test & Tag appliances recoding of appliance make, model, serial number where available (charge per test)
    � 3 Phase and non standard plug appliance testing is at a higher rate (charge per test)
    � Plug and Socket Replacements (part plus retest)
    � Repairs where possible (charged per half hour plus parts)
    � Emergency and Exit Light Testing (charge per half hour)
    � Emergency and Exit Light repairs where possible and contracting of an electrician when required (charge per half hour plus contractor/parts)
    � Minimum charges apply please ask

    If an item fails a test (including visual inspection), a tag will be applied and a normal fee will be charged

    Travel to your site
    no charge within Ararat, otherwise charged per half hour (per site visit)

    If you have a site which requires an overnight stay due to distance or hours required to complete a job resulting in a late finish this is charged at accommodation costs

    Free PDF log of tested appliances
    � No log book purchase required
    � Excel export of tested appliances (only provided when requested - needs to be requested each time)
    � You can form the bases of an asset register!

    Charge for mailed invoice's and reports (email no charge)

    Certificate of Appliance Pass or Fail
    � If you require a certificate that an Appliance has either Passed or Failed for insurance purposes etc. Charged per certificate

    Please note as per the Australian Standard appliances with removable leads (eg, computer) will require two tags, one for the appliance and one for the lead


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